These Restaurateurs Found Their Path (And Huge Success) By Creating A Cult Of Gratitude

Posted on: 26th Nov 2013

Stepbrothers Ryland Engelhart and Cary Mosier have the “glass half-full” philosophy nailed (…to the wall. Literally.)

The family behind the Cafe Gratitude empire has been at it since 2004, when Ryland’s dad and Cary’s mom, Matthew and Terces Engelhart, opened up their first location in San Francisco — a fresh vegan restaurant founded on the idea of practicing gratitude in our daily lives.

And it’s truly a family affair: at the first location, one son was behind the bar, another was the manager, the mom was the cook, the dad was the server, and the sister-in-law was the bookkeeper. Today, Ryland and Cary run the wildly successful Larchmont and Venice locations in Los Angeles and their sister runs the equally booming vegan bistro Sage in Echo Park and Culver City. The highly-anticipated vegan Mexican joint,Gracias Madre, opens in LA in late December.

When Matthew and Terces originally met at Landmark Education (a program that offers guidance in personal development), they never thought about starting a business, let alone a restaurant. What they had was a “clear intention that they wanted to have their life make a meaningful difference in the world,” Ryland tells The Huffington Post from the communal table at the sun-splotched Venice Beach Cafe Gratitude.

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