Dessert and Tea at Cafe Gratitude, LA

Posted on: 18th Jun 2012

From Perfectly Sauced a blog dedicated to food, health, and wellness

I went for dessert at Cafe Gratitude. I really like the place. The vibe is fun and the people are all Hollywood. I get there around 2 pm and stay for a while enjoying the food, people and scene. I got some sort of mushroom tea (with reishi) and raw cocoa. It was delicious and tasted like hot chocolate. Amazing! I also got a simple jasmine green tea which was very enjoyable.. And for the luscious desert(s) I got a Chocolate mouse cake (raw, vegan!) with coconut and date crust; wow! And, a small raw chocolate ball with almond butter and jerusalem artichoke syrup. Enjoy the feast with your eyes. I will go back for a proper main course, etc.

($31, including tax and tip; I ate for two)
Cafe Gratitude
639 North Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles‎ CA‎ 90004