Food Changes Everything!

Holistic Nutritionist, Elissa Goodman and Café Gratitude have created a way to cleanse that is easy and efficient. 

I Am Cleansed gives you a mostly raw, organic and vegan cleanse experience. It’s a great program for beginner-cleansers; it’s easy, abundant and delicious. This program is a great way to acclimate your body to nutrient-dense, plant-based eating. Every day a fresh cleanse is prepared for you for pick up at Cafe Gratitude. On top of teas, juices, smoothies and meals, you will also receive specially prepared daily instructions, menu schedule, nutritional information and affirmations.

This cleanse is for you if you…

Look older than you are, feel tired or sluggish, suffer from migraines, headaches, bloating, gas or digestive disorders.

Have always wanted to try a cleanse, but have felt too confused or intimidated to try it on your own?

 You will experience…

Glowing skin, sky high energy, relief from chronic symptoms & weight loss.

In addition, I can help you explore…

Raw food and cooked specialties, Juicing, Smoothies, Plant based diets, Gluten free living & Anti-inflammatory foods.

How it works!

This cleanse gives you a raw, organic, vegan experience.Everyday a fresh cleanse package is prepared for you to pick up at Café Gratitude. It can be picked up the night before as well.

Start your 5–day cleanse today!

Don’t worry, you won’t be eating the same thing every day. Ask about our additional supplements we recommend to further enhance your cleanse. They are available for purchase at Café Gratitude Venice or Larchmont.

Our menus change seasonally and (according to our past cleansers) are always delicious! 

$350 for 5 days

$210 for 3 days

$80 for 1 day

Cleanse Menu 

Suggested Supplements