Beauty Palette in LA

Posted on: 01st May 2013

By The Beauty Palette

I’m in LA so frequently that my friends joke that LA is basically my second home. Happily, LA is one of the few cities that blows NYC out of the water when it comes to organic, local and healthy food. Since I travel to the West Coast so often for work, I’ve tried it all. So after hours and hours of arduous juicing and dining, here are my picks for healthy eats and drinks in LA; otherwise known as: places I go to in between my regular pilgrimages to Umami Burger

Cafe Gratitude – I think of Cafe Gratitude as One Lucky Duck‘s prettier, brighter LA counterpart. This raw, vegan oasis has a really varied menu, which means that it can fulfill any sort of craving you may have. I personally love their garlic-tahini kale chips (I Am Vivacious) and their almond thai kelp noodles (I Am Terrific). Yep, all of the items on their menu are actually affirmations. It just doesn’t get more hippie than Cafe Gratitude but I think that’s okay because the positive, relaxed attitude is reflected in their staff who are always super cheerful and willing to answer my millions of annoying questions!  

Cafe Gratitude LA – 639 Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA